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Match Reports

Date: 2017-11-24
Posted By: Neil Sedgewick
Home Team: Minsthorpe Badminton Club
Away Team: Staincross
Report: Match Report Minsthorpe vs Staincross C (Friday 24th November) It was a surprise to see no Ian Nicholls for tonight’s game...... it was Black Friday so perhaps he was out buying a sixty inch Tv, a Playstation, a smart watch or a sofa in the DFS sale which definitely, definitely, definitely ended that weekend! However, if he wanted excitement then he was simply in the wrong place!........ It was all set to explode in spectacular fashion as Minsthorpe BC faced Staincross in an epic mid table clash at Minsthorpe Sports Centre! Minsthorpe have been pushing young players into their squad this season and tonight’s game was no different. Forget Rashford for England and Neymar for Brazil. Tonight their very own starlets were making an appearance by the names of Alex (Rock-n-Roll) Robson, Harry (Dubstep) Duffield and Josh (Twinkle Toes) Tetlow. After an impressive fireworks display, a stunning performance by a full brass band, a song by Michael Buble and a short routine of scantily dressed Columbian dancers waving palm leaves the match was finally underway! Minsthorpe’s Captain was Ben Allsup, he may have been a B.Allsup on paper but he certainly wasn’t one on the badminton court tonight as him and his partner Alex Robson took their first game against A.Hurst and D.Hawtin of Staincross 21-19 21-19 to make it 1-0 to Minsthorpe and a great start to the match. The second game was also a cracker but Minsthorpe’s second pairing of Josh Tetlow and Neil Sedgewick narrowly missed taking a 3 game thriller against a well played pairing of E.White and J.Campbell of Staincross 21-19 13-21 20-22. 1 game each now and it was all to play for. Next up was our wild card, as newcomer Harry (Dubstep) Duffield entered the fray alongside his partner Sue Ely, an ex-England player who struck fear in to the heart of the Staincross team and the pairing of A. Barber and M.Allen. Sue and Harry floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, but sadly couldn’t avoid losing game number 3! 2-1 to Staincross now and things very quickly started to go downhill for Minsthorpe. At one point Josh (twinkle-toes) Tetlow seemed to have a problem keeping hold of his racket?? Not quite sure why this was? Perhaps his racket needed a new grip.....or maybe he was hinting to his on-looking parents that he wanted a new one for Christmas? Who knows? What was for sure was that Minsthorpe were beginning to get frustrated and several of their players now began to resemble the fire breathing dragon from the popular film series Lord Of The Rings! Over the course of the night there were some very close games indeed with over 5 of them being lost 21-20! But the fact of the matter was that Staincross played extremely well and simply proved too strong in the end and for Minsthorpe and their youngsters. Although the games suggested it was closer than the final score, Staincross deserved their 8-1 win. A big thank you to Staincross for some really good games, although Minsthorpe had been beaten badly it was all valuable experience for 3 of their upcoming youngsters. After shaking hands Staincross made their way to the carpark to head home and celebrate their success. It was just a shame that Minsthorpe BC had logged on to webuyanycar.com during the match and sold all of their cars!  Joking aside it was a very enjoyable night of badminton. Thanks again to Staincross and good luck in your next game.
Match Reports

Chairman's Comments

Date: 2018-01-15 10:33:11
Posted By: BE
Comment: What player wants to duplicate costs; effectively pay multiple insurance premiums(no doubt of varying scope), when a far more comprehensive cover and to boot 'overarching single payment would give both clarity and peace of mind. Many weeks ago, as club secretaries will know, I invited 'Emma Smethurst'(Badminton England, "B E") to speak(on her day off!) at the pre-season meeting; on the subjects of possible affiliation's to the aforesaid national body. The potential benefits of; individual player, club, or even league membership were outlined; along with possibilities of funding to help clubs boost membership and bring youngsters and newcomers through into league competition. Subsequently 'Emma' provided "BE" information to all clubs for your consideration. Disappointingly, we have had no response! You can lead a horse to water... From 'Angela Fletcher's excellent club insurance survey(September 2013), it is clear that many people/teams do play in other leagues, with various degrees of insurance cover(ergo a possible lack of it). I have no reason to doubt that little has changed. Of course others only play Barnsley, may well be happy with present arrangements, and have no wish to pay any more. That's a perfectly reasonable stance. On that basis it would perhaps be wrong(although it is your prerogative) to impose a majority vote by way of an "AGM" resolution to the effect of league wide "B E" membership and the additional costs that implies, when this particular issue(higher level of personal insurance cover) as then wider benefits of aforesaid membership can be left to the club itself. That is to say: A smaller unit, so greater chance of agreement, less feathers ruffled that way. Perhaps better still is individual choice - "Direct Membership". *Incidentally NOTE; from "B E" website there are potentially some cost savings moving from 'individual player' to 'club' membership, but apparently no further financial incentive that I can see if moving from a proportion of clubs to an entire 'league umbrella'. So; never say never as regards a blanket league wide affiliation; but from past experience and the recent lamentable response - No prizes for guessing which way that's likely to go! "INSURANCE"(and benefits): The basic type of "B E" membership for 'Club Players' is the "PLAY CLUB MEMBERSHIP". This affords a whopping 10 million pounds 'Public liability'(accidental damage to Third Party property) and/or combined with 'Personal Indemnity'(Third Party bodily injury). Hence; an uncommonly high level and breadth of cover in respects of: Match play, practice, or tournament competition. Pretty much wherever your badminton takes you; should you be unfortunate enough to cause injury and/or financial loss to a fellow participant and/or damage to property. * BESIDES ALL OF WHICH: You receive up to the minute 'News Letters', notification of events, 'money off' ticket/kit/equipment offers, and so on. NB: The "Barnsley league" insurance, currently seen as satisfactory, gives 5 million pounds worth of cover with respect to 'Public liability'(property) ONLY! Unfortunately the litigation culture is here to stay. As a league body, so far so good, but for us and as individuals, you never quite know what's round the corner. The more cover the better in my book. So is it sensible to opt for 'B E' cover, and more to the point; who among us are prepared to pay? In 'Barnsley league", our 2017-18 insurance premium accounts for approximately 60% of guaranteed income (receipts). Thus 40% is still required for trophies, printing, room hire, and sundries. Any player opting for 'B E' membership would naturally still be required to pay this portion of our necessary running costs. As we know, yearly league fees are presently set at 60 per team, thus 10/player. One possibility then is for 'team players' who are 'B E' registered to pay just 4 to our league, rather than the full 10. The rule changes would need looking into, before any "AGM" vote to that effect. I'm just thinking out loud here. Knowing the aforesaid players are well and truly covered; our League insurance premium should in theory be largely offset, reduced 'pro rata'. Not quite though; unfortunately skewed a little upwards due to having relatively more non-team players then having to be paid for by fewer team contributors. Hence in an idealised example: If a local league of 300 competitors, has(or encourages) 100 'B E' members; the league need only seek insurance cover for the remaining 200. * 'B E' members are thankfully in this respect of no concern - effectively of our books. I can't see why other leagues/clubs they play in wouldn't follow the logic and if pressed also see fit to give similar financial concessions. One would hope so anyway. All league bodies, hence any clubs that you care to play for, can easily check and known with certainty via 'B E' website player member "I D"(profile), who currently has such insurance and indeed who's has lapsed! It couldn't be clearer: If you have it you are simply not an insurance risk provincial leagues/clubs need to contend with. Just to highlight the example of 'B E' play/compete 'Direct Membership': We have 15, plus a mandatory 1 county team contribution, so 16 in total. But lets not forget my suggested and necessary 4 re local league requirements; hence altogether an estimated annual cost to the individual of perhaps 20. That's a probable doubling of your present payment. However, lets have some perspective; to all cheapskates out there that's the difference of either four 'Costa Coffees' or a modest round of drinks per year - it's peanuts FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! NB: Furthermore, "CLUB" affiliation improves this enormously: 1 - 10 members - 50. Potentially 5/member. 11 -15 members - 70. Potentially 4-66/member. 16 plus members - 100. Potentially 6-25/member. *but at 22+, you are again within and thereafter dropping below 4-66/member.! Similarly, maintaining a previous comparison; we should again factor in an additional 4/member vis your 'local league'. With respect to all the aforesaid; I can only highlight these things, The choice is yours. "DEVELOPMENT FUNDING": What can YOU do to give some 'impetus' and vibrancy" back to the league? "B E" provincial "CLUB" funding fluctuates(it always has always will). We know at the moment that funds are available to be allocated for at least the next couple of years. This for both 'Adult' and 'Junior' sections of your club; if you would rather only commit to one, 'Junior' being the cheaper option! Note: It seems to be the way of things these days that the clubs themselves, rather than the league body that apply for and qualify for funding. For but example; In "Sheffield", it is the clubs that attract 'financial grants' and promote their own wellbeing/ 'player development' - NOT the league. "NOTA BENE": "Emma" is ready and willing to help; make it easy. She is even prepared to apply for funding on your 'clubs' behalf and has offered where possible to do the online 'paperwork'. Need I remind you of my repeated warnings(recounted at league meetings), of the demise of the "Wakefield league". An organization every bit as large as ours in its "heyday", back then 'Combined sides'(male/female) having approximately 80 teams, 'long gone'; COLLAPSED to nothing over the course of a decade or so. Yes that's eight, zero; not a misprint. A "time and a place"; I know that: But for those of us who remember the Leagues' of old, there can be no doubt that the present day lack of female participation, as was once common place(and what a difference that made), is a large glaringly obvious missing factor in the "VIBRANT LEAGUE" equation, so to speak. As also are youths and people in their twenties and thirties - That was the mainstay of the badminton scene. Note: "B E" are particularly keen to help you promote ladies participation. In my opinion having a mix of participation(as also provision for a mixed division is "KEY" to a thriving league. Society has changed(won't bore you), there's little chance of returning to those "giddy heights", that peak. However; even one quarter of the way back would, l suggest, alter the present malaise; to some extent rejuvenate the league and help re-instil that feeling that "BUZZ"! This equates to another 14 teams, 'say' 100 people across the clubs, which with application and a little more commitment from you the membership, would go at least some way towards creating a new dynamic. It shouldn't be that difficult when you think about it in those terms! We are not seeing new home grown opposition of significant numbers, rather 'satellite' teams who are of course most welcome, but give us a false sense of the true health of the local league. Do you really want to keep playing against the same old faces until they disappear, gradually fade away one by one? By now you should all be aware, of the most recent loss of yet another 'side' over the Christmas period. Were currently at 24 teams, ALARM BELLS should be "ringing". We really ought to think long and hard about where the majority of clubs in our league are heading - That is to say; where are we going to be in 10 years time? "Nota bene": New 'local' clubs are not emerging and many of the clubs(and "old timers") we see today, in all likelihood simply won't be here a decade from now. Year on year I'm afraid it's shaping up to become a very sad and lacklustre downward spiral. Sorry; but lets be realistic. This appeal is directed at EVERYONE in the league. You have got to ask yourselves how much better things could be, how much more playing enjoyment, if you took a little time to create some new "future" opposition. Just because this problem exists, to one extent or another, countrywide is no argument for us not to TRY at least something here and there - little acorns! It is clearly in your own interests to promote and gain funding for your club. This is a "rallying" call to the troops, lets move things forward and grow. In my view it is the eleventh hour; time for one or two of you to "step up to the plate", Give a little back. Seize the opportunity, the 'financial' and 'Professional' help that is being extended to you. I again urge you to consider what YOU can do toward your clubs development and by extension the betterment and 'long term' health of our league. Regards, Brian Hurp (Chairman"B&DBL").

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Mike's/Bob's News

Date: 2017-09-23
Posted By: Mike Street
Comment: Hi to all, at the pre season meeting Emma Smethurst of Badminton England attended and talked about what Badminton England could do in terms of potential funding and support. We have now received more information on this and it has been sent to all League Secretaries. I am afraid their is a limited amount of time to respond to Emma as per her email but if anybody does want to on behalf of the clubs then please request the information from your Secretary or alternatively email me direct and I will forward you a copy.

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