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Match Reports

Date: 2018-03-02
Posted By: Neil Sedgwick
Home Team: Minsthorpe Badminton Club
Away Team: Honeywell Badminton Club
Report: Match Report for Minsthorpe vs Honeywell (Friday 2nd March) Neil Sedgewick A sharp crunch pierced the silence of an empty frozen landscape as I stepped out from the warm comforts of my car into the crisp, white snow. A bitterly cold wind chilled me to the bone as I removed my racket bag from the car, closed the boot with a satisfying thud and made my way across the wintry carpark to the now infamous Minsthorpe Sports Centre. Most venues in the area were closed due to the freezing, inclement wea
Match Reports

Chairman's Comments

Date: 2018-01-15 10:33:11
Posted By: BE
Comment: What player wants to duplicate costs; effectively pay multiple insurance premiums(no doubt of varying scope), when a far more comprehensive cover and to boot 'overarching” single payment would give both clarity and peace of mind. Many weeks ago, as club secretaries will know, I invited 'Emma Smethurst'(Badminton England, "B E") to speak(on her day off!) at the pre-season meeting; on the subjects of possible affiliation's to the aforesaid national body. The potential benefits of; individual pl

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Mike's/Bob's News

Date: 2017-09-23
Posted By: Mike Street
Comment: Hi to all, at the pre season meeting Emma Smethurst of Badminton England attended and talked about what Badminton England could do in terms of potential funding and support. We have now received more information on this and it has been sent to all League Secretaries. I am afraid their is a limited amount of time to respond to Emma as per her email but if anybody does want to on behalf of the clubs then please request the information from your Secretary or alternatively email me direct an

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We have over 30 teams playing in 3 leagues, across Barnsley and the surrounding areas. The participating clubs have all levels of players and welcome all who want to play.


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Most of the League clubs have a level of coaching, this does vary from club to club. Please get in touch with your nearest club for details?

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Out league clubs all accept Juniors, and all clubs are keen to get more players at all levels. The league has a child protection policy.

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We are constantly looking for new ways to encourage people of all ages and skill to join in and play badminton, if you have any suggestions of can help, please get in touch?