Venue: Minsthorpe Community Collage, Minsthorpe Lane, South Elmsall, WF9 2UJ
Match Day: A team - Monday B team - Friday Start Time: 19:00
All requests to re arrange matches should be sent to Match secretary and relevant team captain
Courts: 2

Match Secretary: Teresa Pearson
Phone: 07887 567849 email: Teresa-pearson@hotmail.com

Club Secretary: Liz Rowlatt
Phone: 07730 153103 email: lizrowlatt@hotmail.co.uk

A team Captain: Mick Edge
Phone: 07826 320209 email: edgemd@aol.com

B team Captain: Alex Robson
Phone: TBC email: alex.robson5@outlook.com

Team    Registered name
A Team  Harry Duffield
A Team  M McGuire
A Team  Mason Duke
A Team  Matthew Manders
A Team  Mick Edge
A Team  Stephen Dixon
A TeamA Smith 24/01/20 Old Silcoatians A 1
A TeamA Smith 24/02/20 Staincross C 2
A TeamBen Allsup 21/11/19 From A on request Tied
A TeamD Heppinstall 10/10/19 Denby Dale Pie Hall B 1
A TeamD Heppinstall 02/12/19 Honeywell A 2
A TeamD Heppinstall 06/01/20 Denby Dale Pie Hall B 3
A TeamJ Carey 06/01/20 Denby Dale Pie Hall B 2
A TeamJ Carey 13/01/20 Cawthorne B 1
A TeamJ Carey 24/02/20 Staincross C 3
A TeamJ Tetlow 06/03/20 Honeywell A 1
A TeamM Baker 11/11/19 Staincross C 1
A TeamM Baker 19/11/19 Staincross B 2
A TeamM Baker 02/12/19 Honeywell A 3
A TeamM McGuire 16/10/19 Cawthorne B 1
A TeamM McGuire 11/11/19 Staincross C 2
A TeamM McGuire 19/11/19 Staincross B 3
A TeamM McGuire 21/11/20 To A on request Tied
A TeamP Hatherley 09/03/20 Wrenthorpe A 1
A TeamS Ely 04/11/19 Old Silcoatians A 1
A TeamS Norman 10/10/19 Denby Dale Pie Hall B 1
A TeamS Norman 16/10/19 Cawthorne B 2
A TeamS Norman 19/11/19 Staincross B 3
A TeamT Pearson 13/01/20 Cawthorne B 1