Old Silcoatians


Venue: No set venue
Captain will liaise with opposition in good time to arrange fixtures and location, ,
Match Day: TBC Start Time: TBC

Club Secretary: John Cooling
Phone: 07941 838986 email: johnrcooling@sky.com

A team Captain: Frazer Symth
Phone: 07359 087265 email: Frazer_smyth2003@hotmail.com

Venue: No set venue
Team    Registered name
A Team  Adam Hirst
A Team  Alex Spodkiewicz
A Team  Bob Elliston
A Team  Dave Woodriff
A Team  F Smyth
A Team  forfeit - Old Silcoatians
A Team  J Bower
A Team  J Cooling
A Team  Lucy Travers
A Team  N Roberts
A Team  P Beighton
A Team  P Chauhan
A Team  P Hall
A Team  S Scholfield
Registered  Sousie Azouley
No players played up