Venue: Top Sports Hall, Honeywell Sports Village , Honeywell Campus, Honeywell Lane, Barnsley, S75 1BP
Match Day: Tuesday Start Time: 19:30
teams start on 3 courts, please have three pairs to start at 19:30
Courts: 2

Club Secretary: Jamie Campbell
Phone: 07824 554852 email:

A team Captain: Simon Clarke
Phone: 07763 660857 email:

B team Captain: Nigel Short
Phone: 07803 161578 email:

C team Captain: Jamie Campbell
Phone: 07824 554852 email:

Team    Registered name
A Team  Craig Fisher
A Team  John Ruston
A Team  Josh Dodson
A Team  Simon Clarke
A Team  Tom Ruston
A Team  Will Doughty
B Team  Chris Rowland
B Team  J Danford
B Team  John Baker
B Team  Keith Winch
B Team  Neil Stewardson
B Team  Nigel Short
B Team  R Spindley
B Team  Roy Marshall
B Team  T Martyn
C Team  Andy Hurst
C Team  Chris Charlton
C Team  D Hyde
C Team  Jaan Antony
C Team  Jamie Campbell
C Team  Mark Hinchcliffe
C Team  Nick Shermeld
C Team  Paul Brook
C Team  Suresh Chari
A TeamChris Rowland 02/03/22 Cawthorne A 1
B TeamJamie Campbell 15/02/22 Staincross A 1
A TeamJohn Baker 27/01/22 Pontefract A 1
A TeamJohn Baker 15/03/22 Manvers Park A 2
A TeamJohn Baker 26/04/22 Pontefract A 3
B TeamMark Hinchcliffe 23/11/21 Pontefract A 1
B TeamMark Hinchcliffe 15/12/21 Cawthorne A 2
A TeamNigel Short 19/01/22 Cudworth A 1
A TeamNigel Short 15/03/22 Manvers Park A 2
A TeamRoy Marshall 06/01/22 Manvers Park A 1
A TeamRoy Marshall 19/01/22 Cudworth A 2