Castleford Wanderers


Venue: Pontefract Squash and Leisure Club, Stuart Road, Pontefract, WF8 4PQ
Match Day: Monday Start Time: 19:00
Courts: 2

Club Secretary: Susan Parker
Phone: 01977 690229 email:

A team Captain: Lee Benstead and Joss Cole
Phone: 07737495681 email:

Team    Registered name
A Team  B Binzi
A Team  G Pannel
A Team  J Cole
A Team  K Waters
A Team  L Benstead
A Team  N Harrison
A TeamA Thorburn 24/10/19 Manvers Park A 1
A TeamA Thorburn 11/11/19 Pontefract A 2
A TeamG Long 14/10/19 Staincross A 1
A TeamG Long 24/10/19 Manvers Park A 2
A TeamG Long 18/11/19 Cawthorne A 3
A TeamG Long 05/12/19 Denby Dale Pie Hall A Tied
A TeamK Waters 14/10/19 Staincross A 1