Venue: Pontefract Squash and Leisure Club, Stuart Road, Pontefract , WF8 4PQ
Match Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Matches played primarily on Thursday nights, but will have to flex sometimes given other team commitments Start Time: Tuesday 20:00 Thursday 19.30
Courts: 2

Club Secretary: Beth Hursthouse
Phone: 07808 769391 email: bethhursthouse@gmail.com

A team Captain: Mark Illidge
Phone: 07814 747421 email: mark.r.illidge@gmail.com

B team Captain: Adrian Izat-Higgs
Phone: 07867 911753 email: adrian.higgs16@btinternet.com

Team    Registered name
A Team  Adam Purcell
A Team  Dan Hooley
A Team  Hugh Herron
A Team  Jon Schofield
A Team  Mark Illidge
A Team  Paul Hursthouse
B Team  Adrian Izat-Higgs
B Team  Chris Daniels
B Team  Gavin Pointer
B Team  H Vir
B Team  J Markey
B Team  Jovy O'Neil
B Team  L Moore
B Team  Lloyd Baker
B Team  Matt Thomas
B Team  Sam Mell
B Team  Scott Williamson
B Team  Vipin Reddy
A TeamJ Markey 23/11/21 Staincross B 1
A TeamJ Markey 02/12/21 Manvers Park A 2
A TeamJ Markey 12/04/22 Cudworth A 3
A TeamL Moore 24/02/22 Manvers Park A 1
A TeamL Moore 30/03/22 Cawthorne A 2
A TeamL Moore 26/04/22 Staincross A 3
A TeamMatt Thomas 02/12/21 Manvers Park A 1