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Venue: Pontefract Squash and Leisure Club, Stuart Road, Pontefract , WF8 4PQ
Match Day: Tuesday, Thursday and (C Team) Sunday
Matches played primarily on Thursday nights, but will have to flex sometimes given other team commitments Start Time: Tuesday 20:00 Thursday 19.30 Sunday 18:00
Courts: 2

Match Secretary: Jess Markey-Liddle
Phone: email: markeyjessica@outlook.com

Club Secretary: Daniel Hooley
Phone: 07929 666210 email: daniel.hooley@gmail.com

A team Captain: Mark Illidge
Phone: 07814 747421 email: mark.r.illidge@gmail.com

B team Captain: Chris Daniel
Phone: 07984 431751 email: sales@abacusfencing.com

C team Captain: Angela Ellis
Phone: email:

Team    Registered name
A Team  Adam Purcell
A Team  Dan Hooley
A Team  forfeit - Pontefract
A Team  Helen Merrett
A Team  J Schofield
A Team  Jason Carey
A Team  Jessica Markey-Liddle
A Team  Mark Illidge
A Team  Mike Sung
A Team  Paul Hursthouse
A Team  Tom Martyn
B Team  Andy Carter
B Team  Beth Hursthouse
B Team  Brian Campbell
B Team  Chris Daniel
B Team  Hugh Heron
B Team  Lloyd Barker
B Team  M Thomas
B Team  Mike Willmore
B Team  Oliver Wilson
B Team  Vipin Reddy
C Team  Aly Wildman
C Team  Andrew Carter
C Team  Andrew Shield
C Team  Andy Walton
C Team  Angela Ellis
C Team  E Hursthouse
C Team  H Emms
C Team  Harry Graham
C Team  Jason Lindsay
C Team  Jon Smith
C Team  Josh Wild
C Team  Laura Readings
C Team  Lisa Graham
C Team  N Singleton
C Team  Ryan Ellis
C Team  T Wright
C Team  Theo Cass
C Team  Tom Bentley
C Team  Tristan Stewart
Registered  Chris Kaine
Registered  Jeremy Slack
Registered  Scott Williamson
Registered  Suzanne Medlock
Registered  Teresa Pearson
A TeamAdam Purcell 14/11/23 Bessacarr A 1
A TeamAdam Purcell 09/01/24 Castleford Wanderers A 2
A TeamAdam Purcell 15/02/24 Staincross B 3
A TeamAdam Purcell 29/02/24 Castleford Wanderers A Tied
A TeamAndy Carter 05/04/24 Ossett A 1
A TeamBeth Hursthouse 17/10/23 Staincross B 1
A TeamBeth Hursthouse 04/12/23 Ossett A 2
A TeamBrian Campbell 12/10/23 Manvers Park A 1
A TeamBrian Campbell 14/11/23 Bessacarr A 2
A TeamHugh Heron 26/03/24 Staincross A 1
A TeamJ Schofield 17/10/23 Staincross B 1
A TeamJ Schofield 09/01/24 Castleford Wanderers A 2
A TeamJ Schofield 15/02/24 Staincross B 3
A TeamJ Schofield 29/02/24 Castleford Wanderers A Tied
A TeamJason Carey 06/02/24 Bessacarr A 1
A TeamJason Carey 15/02/24 Staincross B 2
A TeamJason Carey 06/03/24 Cawthorne A 3
A TeamJason Carey 19/03/24 Cudworth A Tied
A TeamM Thomas 06/02/24 Bessacarr A 1
A TeamM Thomas 26/03/24 Staincross A 2
A TeamM Thomas 25/04/24 Staincross A 3
A TeamOliver Wilson 26/03/24 Staincross A 1
A TeamVipin Reddy 04/04/24 Ossett A 1