iCal Calendar information

You can subscribe to team calendars providing details of all your teams fixtures. These are automatically refreshed if fixtures change. Below are the required URLs for each team in each division and also instructions on subscribing using iOS or Google. Another option is to click the link next to each team to download a CSV file format of the fixtures.

Bessacarr A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Bessacarr%20A.ics
Castleford Wanderers A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Castleford%20Wanderers%20A.ics
Cawthorne A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Cawthorne%20A.ics
Cudworth A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Cudworth%20A.ics
Manvers Park A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Manvers%20Park%20A.ics
Ossett A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Ossett%20A.ics
Pontefract A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Pontefract%20A.ics
Staincross A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Staincross%20A.ics
Staincross B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Staincross%20B.ics
Bessacarr B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Bessacarr%20B.ics
Castleford Wanderers B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Castleford%20Wanderers%20B.ics
Honeywell A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Honeywell%20A.ics
Manvers Park B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Manvers%20Park%20B.ics
Old Silcoatians A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Old%20Silcoatians%20A.ics
Pontefract B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Pontefract%20B.ics
Staincross C http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Staincross%20C.ics
Wrenthorpe A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Wrenthorpe%20A.ics
Bessacarr C http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Bessacarr%20C.ics
Castleford Wanderers C http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Castleford%20Wanderers%20C.ics
Minsthorpe A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Minsthorpe%20A.ics
Minsthorpe B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Minsthorpe%20B.ics
Ossett B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Ossett%20B.ics
Ossett C http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Ossett%20C.ics
Pontefract C http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Pontefract%20C.ics
Shepley A http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Shepley%20A.ics
Wrenthorpe B http://bbl.madp.uk/ics/Wrenthorpe%20B.ics

How to Subscribe to a Calendar on an Apple device

How to setup and Subscribe to a Calendar, view the detailed instructions in the relevant user guide below. When viewing the user guide, select your relevant iOS or iPadOS

  1. iPhone user guide
  2. iPad user guide

NOTE: Apple calendars update every 15 mins to changes made to the fixtures.

How to Subscribe to a Calendar with Google

  1. With Google Calendar open, on the left hand side under other calendars, click on the + option to add another calendar.
  2. Click on From URL.
  3. In the popup screen, type in your calendar link or paste in a copied link into the box labeled URL of calendar.
  4. Click Add Calendar.
  5. Once Google Calendar imports the subscription, it will appear on the left side.

For further help visit Google calendar help

NOTE: Google calenders updates can take up to 24 hours for changes made to the fixtures to be reflected. This is a limitation of Google calendar