The Barnsley and District Badminton League Rules

1. The Committee

1.1. The League Management Committee (herein referred to as The Committee) shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Development Officer and three other elected members. The day to day running and management of the League shall be handled by The Committee. Information will be circulated to club secretaries on a regular basis.
1.2. Any Committee quorum shall be five (of maximum nine). Attendance of officers shall be logged in the minutes of each meeting.
1.3. The officers of the League (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Development Officer) shall be ex officio members of any sub committee appointed by the league.

2. League meetings

2.1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will normally be held every June. In addition to the AGM, there shall be two general meetings each season at which all clubs must be represented. These meetings will normally be in September (pre-season League information) and April (end of season). Non attendance by any club at the AGM or any of the two general meetings will result in a fine of £5 per meeting being imposed.
2.2. Existing rules can only be changed, or additional rules made, at the AGM or an Extra-ordinary General Meeting.
2.3. All Clubs registered with the Barnsley and District Badminton League shall be entitled to 1 vote per team playing in the league. The vote can only be used at an AGM or any Extraordinary G M and each team vote must be presented by a different member of the club. Voting cards will be issued as needed.
2.4. The League Secretary should receive 28 calendar days notice of any matter to be placed on the agenda for the AGM. This agenda and proposals to be circulated to clubs 14 calendar days prior to the AGM.

3. Teams and equipment

3.1. Teams shall consist of three couples i.e. six males, six females or six mixed in any proportion. Once a match has commenced no substitutes will be allowed.
3.2. Badminton England rules shall apply in all games. (Barnsley AGM Procedural Amendments apply).
3.3. Equipment to be used in accordance with national Badminton laws. In the case of dispute regarding the quality of shuttles, the visiting club can demand them to be produced at the next Committee meeting for a final decision. Shuttlecocks to be used will be specified by The Committee and reviewed at each AGM. (See notes at paragraphs 3.17 and 3.18).
3.4. Clubs may have more than one team in the competition. Any club with more than one team in the league must nominate the players of their club for the teams in which they expect them to play to the match secretary, in readily traceable forms (i.e. in writing or by email but not phone texts), prior to the date of the first league fixture. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of any points won, until the rule is observed.
3.5. Registration of a player with any team following the commencement of the fixtures will be automatic from the scorecard his or her name first appears on.
3.6. Where an individual owes money to a club, that club shall have the right to request that the committee impose a temporary suspension from league games on that player until all dues are paid.
3.7. When any club has more than one team in the same division, these teams shall play each other as their first fixture.
3.8. If a player plays under the name of another player in a league match, then providing the case is proved against that player to the satisfaction of The Committee, the team members actually playing shall be banned from participating in any further league matches that season. Additionally, the offending club shall be fined £10, the offending team shall be classed as a relegation team and all rubbers won shall be deducted for matches previously played.
3.9. Any registration of a player not determined under the foregoing rules shall be registered in the lowest team of the club concerned unless otherwise directed.
3.10. When a club runs more than one team in the league, no B team player can play more than three matches for the A team, otherwise he/she shall be classed as an A team player. No A team player may play in a B team unless transferred to the B team by a league Committee decision, and the rule shall be applied between a B team and C team (etc.) of any club. In addition, when a C team player plays more than a total of three matches for a higher team or teams he/she will be registered as a member of the highest team for which he/she has played.
3.11. When a player has been promoted to a higher team by virtue of playing more than three matches for a higher team, it shall not be possible during the current season to re-register such a player in a lower division.
3.12. No player by request shall be re-registered in a lower team can play for a higher team during the remainder of that season. This will not apply to any player nominated under rule 3.4 if he/she has not actually played in the higher division for which they were nominated, and can confirm to the League Officers an acceptable reason for not so playing.
3.13. If a player is re-registered from a higher team to a lower team - by way of agreement by The Committee as per rule 3.10 - a specific player must be named as a replacement if not already registered by way of qualification.
3.14. All transfer of players within a club or between clubs must take place before the registrations deadline of 1 January and with the express consent of The Committee. No transfers within or between clubs will be permitted after this time under any circumstances unless rule 3.10 applies.
3.15. In exceptional circumstances any club wishing to re-register any player in accordance with rule 3.13 must apply to The Committee via the Match Secretary for a decision.
3.16. No player shall play for more than one team in the Barnsley and District Badminton League during the same evening.
3.17. All Division teams play with FEATHERS only. Any brand is allowed but they must be of at least tournament grade and the home team MUST provide enough new feathers to complete each match.

4. Fixtures and registrations

4.1. A date when all fixtures must be completed shall be set by The Committee at the start of the season.
4.2. Club and team entry forms submitted for entrance to the league each year shall not commit the club to any expense until verified at the pre-season meeting when league information is distributed.
4.3. All new teams applying to join the league will be scrutinised by The Committee prior to inclusion.
4.4. All clubs on registration must specify a match start time. This will be the time when both teams must have a couple on court ready to play. If either team does not have a pair ready to play at the stated match time, rubbers may be claimed immediately (but not before 7pm even if a club has stated an earlier start). Such claim can only be implemented before the start of a match and should be marked as CLAIMED on the match card. This rule shall apply to each subsequent rubber at fifteen minute intervals (i.e. 7:15pm, 7:30pm, 7:45pm and so on).
4.5. No team can enter any League division once the season's definitive fixtures have been released.
4.6. All clubs must make available at least 4 hours of court time for matches, with a finishing time of not later than 23.00hrs. If it is apparent 1 hour or earlier that the match will not be finished on time then rule 5.7 shall be invoked. If there is still insufficient time to complete the match the home team must concede the remaining unfinished games to the opposition. The only exceptions being

a) If either team does not arrive in time for the match to start; in this instance rule 4.4 applies to the affected games/s

b) Both teams agree to continue to play under normal rules until the match is completed
in this instance rule 4.4 applies to the affected initial games/s.
4.7. Matches should be played according to the published fixtures but may be re-arranged in the following situations:
1, unavailability of match venue;
2, severe weather making travel impossible;
3, agreement to postponement by both clubs either as a result of clashes with matches in other leagues or inability to field a team.
4.8. *Committee advice: if a team is unable to field a full team and wishes to cancel or to re-arrange a match, the opposition must be advised at the earliest opportunity and it is recommended, but not obligatory, that a minimum of seven calendar day’s notice is given to avoid unnecessary costs for court hire where possible.
4.9. There is no compulsion for teams to agree to postponement other than loss of venue or severe weather. All other re-arrangements must be by mutual agreement.
4.10. Where matches that have been postponed by mutual agreement are not played by the official closing date for the season, then the match shall be regarded as null and void, no points shall be awarded.
4.11. Failure to notify the League Match Secretary of any cancellation or postponement within seven calendar days of the original fixture date will be treated as a late card and the relevant fine imposed. See rule 5.8.
4.12. The home team must, within fourteen days of the postponement, offer two open dates for the fixture to be played within the official season. The League Match Secretary must also be notified by the home team of the date accepted.
4.13. Any home team failing to offer two dates in accordance with 4.10 shall forfeit the match and 11 points shall be awarded to the opposition.
4.14. Any team failing to accept one or the other dates without adequate reason shall forfeit the match (rule 4.13 applies)
4.15. If, in the opinion of the League Match Secretary, any conceded matches do or may affect the promotion or relegation he/she shall have the authority to order that the match be played. This will NOT apply where a team is relegated or misses promotion or a championship and is the defaulting team in the conceded match.
4.16. Any team in any division that concedes three matches in one season shall be treated as a relegation team. Any fixtures played by that team shall be considered void and all scores will be removed.

5. Match play and results

5.1. Players may elect their own scorer if one is desired. * Committee advice: it is to be encouraged (more proper) that match standards are maintained – with 12 players and only nine rubbers, it should not be difficult!
5.2. Faults in respect of obstructions on roofs, lights or beams of home courts must be explained to the visiting team before the games commence.
5.3. Disputes prior to or after a match shall be submitted to The Committee whose decision shall be final. The Secretary of the club submitting the dispute to the league committee shall inform in writing both the League Secretary and the Secretary of the club with whom they are in dispute. Such notice must be given at least seven calendar days before any subsequent meeting to discuss the said dispute. Both sides to the dispute shall be present at the meeting to state their case. Should either or both the disputing sides not be present at the ensuing meeting, a decision may be reached in their absence.
5.4. *Committee advice: teams should try to keep ‘knock-ups’ to around two minutes for each rubber to ensure maximum playing time – this equates to around 18 minutes per match.
5.5. All matches shall be decided on games (rubbers) won. One game to constitute best of three games to 21 aces. Note: 2 clear points are not required in the first 2 games of a rubber – simply the first to reach 21. SETTING is applied in the deciding game only with the score at one all. The deciding game will set at 20 all with two clear points required to win, sudden death applying at 29 all (next point wins). * Committee advice: note committee advice at 5.7 allows a shortened rubber as if the aforementioned deciding game.
5.6. One point shall be awarded for each rubber won by a team in a match, with an additional two bonus points going to the winning team e.g. in a 6-3 win, the winning team shall be awarded eight points and the losers three.
5.7. If it becomes apparent after five rubbers or more (of the nine) during a match that it is unlikely all rubbers can be played in full, the home team may elect to play the remainder of the match as if deciding games only; i.e. one game to 21 aces with setting at 20 all and with two clear points required to win, sudden death applying at 29 all (next point wins) – no other format is permitted. The opposition must be informed of the decision to play deciding games before the commencement of the rubbers affected; failure to do so will result in the disputed rubber(s) being awarded to the opposition. If requested, the home team needs to be able to justify its decision to play deciding games to the League Match Secretary.
5.8. Full results of all matches shall be received by the League Match Secretary not later than one week after the match, signed by both captains. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of £10 for the home team concerned. * *Committee advice: Where rule 5.7 applies, the scorecard must clearly indicate that only one deciding game was played for each of the affected rubbers.
5.9. All unfinished matches (i.e. neither team has won five rubbers) shall be completed with the same players. The home team shall arrange and provide court time as per rule 4.12 and send a copy of the incomplete match card to the Match Secretary as per rule 5.8. * Committee advice: it is therefore recommended that if a match is unlikely to be completed in time, rule 5.7 be invoked.
5.10 Two teams shall be promoted from each lower division and two teams relegated from each higher division. In the event of any teams finishing on equal points the result, including the divisional championship, shall be determined on matches won. If the matches won are equal the winner will be decided in a play-off on a neutral court to be arranged by the League Committee. If any team withdraws from any division before completing its fixtures, it shall be regarded as a relegation team for the purposes of this rule. Appropriate adjustments will be made throughout the lowers division at the discretion of the officers.

6. Subscriptions and fines

6.1. The annual subscription to the league shall be agreed at each AGM and shall include a fee for public liability (only) insurance arranged by the League.
6.2. All subscription shall be paid to the League Treasurer by 1st December each year, and if not paid by 31 December such team or teams shall not be permitted to participate in the second half of the league programme and may not attend league meetings or join the league for the following season.
6.3. All fines under these rules shall be paid by 31 May of the current season for which specific requirements have been laid down. Failure to do this will result in such team or teams not being admitted to the league the following season.

7. Trophies

7.1. Any trophies whether league or tournament shall be the responsibility of the relevant club for both loss and damage whilst in the possession of a club or club member.
7.2. A fine of £10 will be levied in respect of any trophy NOT being returned by the end of season meeting.

8. Tournaments

8.1. Entrance fees for the Barnsley and District Badminton League tournaments shall be sent to the Tournaments Secretary along with the entry forms.
8.2. Tournament matches may only be played on the official court provided.
8.3. The tournament Referee’s decision to be final in all disputes.

9. Disputes

9.1. In the event of any dispute arising in the interpretation of these rules, the decision of The Committee shall be final. 9.2. All matters not already dealt with in these rules should be submitted to The Committee for consideration.

10. Glossary of terms:

10.1 Rubbers – each match consists of 9 rubbers. Each rubber normally consists of the best of 3 games to 21 aces -see rules 5.5 and 5.7 each pair plays 3 rubbers to the best of 3 games in each match.
10.2 Rally – an extended exchange of strokes between opposing players resulting in a single scored point, termed rally point (colloquially an ace).
10.3 Game – a game consists of a number of rallies where a point scored at the end of each one. A game is won when a score of 21 is reached except in the third game 2 clear points are required up to a maximum of 30 points. Players swap sides of the court at the end of each game. If the third game is played sides of the court are swapped when one set of players first reaches 11 points.
10.4 Committee advice – previously agreed committee advice has been incorporated into the rules to provide additional guidance for clubs. It should be noted, however, that this advice cannot be enforced in the same manner as the rules. All clubs are advised to follow the guidance which is intended to complement and provide clarity to the rules and to promote consistency within the League. Such advice is highlighted accordingly with an *.