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Name Club Team
Cameron Clarke Bessacarr A Team
Craig Harrop Bessacarr A Team
forfeit - Bessacarr Bessacarr A Team
J Newall Bessacarr A Team
Jon Wood Bessacarr A Team
Kris Heeramun Bessacarr A Team
Mark Shipway Bessacarr A Team
Mike Blakely Bessacarr A Team
Nathan Wilson Bessacarr A Team
Richard Gutteridge Bessacarr A Team
Shawn Fell Bessacarr A Team
Steve Dinnage Bessacarr A Team
Will Martin Bessacarr A Team
Ashwini Naveen Bessacarr B Team
Brandon Stapley Bessacarr B Team
Chee-Seng Yee Bessacarr B Team
Jeana Wong Bessacarr B Team
Rhys Dobson Bessacarr B Team
Scott Marshall Bessacarr B Team
Till Chandra Sharma Bessacarr B Team
Tony Siew Bessacarr B Team
Andy Stancliffe Bessacarr C Team
Brian Kyte Bessacarr C Team
David Chan Bessacarr C Team
Imogen Sculthorpe Bessacarr C Team
J Croll Bessacarr C Team
Kate Jenkinson Bessacarr C Team
Kelvin Wong Bessacarr C Team
Mark Ellis Bessacarr C Team
Matthew Sculthorpe Bessacarr C Team
Paul Clark Bessacarr C Team
Prasad Bandaru Bessacarr C Team
Reuben Woodhouse Bessacarr C Team
Richard England Bessacarr C Team
Rob Lindop Bessacarr C Team
Roger Gardner Bessacarr C Team
S Jenkinson Bessacarr C Team
Sarah Penman Bessacarr C Team
Theo Edwards Bessacarr C Team
Tom Constantine Bessacarr C Team
Tony Plant Bessacarr C Team
Viv Young Bessacarr C Team
Wendy Gray Bessacarr C Team
Abhishek Arora Bessacarr Registered
Ash Naveen Bessacarr Registered
Kheng Lim Bessacarr Registered
Swarit Bessacarr Registered
Andy Wassell Castleford Wanderers A Team
forfeit - Castleford Wanderers Castleford Wanderers A Team
Gavin Long Castleford Wanderers A Team
Graham Pannell Castleford Wanderers A Team
Joss Cole Castleford Wanderers A Team
Lee Benstead Castleford Wanderers A Team
Neil Harrison Castleford Wanderers A Team
Cal Macpherson Castleford Wanderers B Team
Dilip Sarathy Komandur Chakravarthy Castleford Wanderers B Team
Ian Vaughan Castleford Wanderers B Team
Jon Scott Castleford Wanderers B Team
Luana Gomez Castleford Wanderers B Team
Neil Sedgewick Castleford Wanderers B Team
Steve Dixon Castleford Wanderers B Team
Adam Feather Castleford Wanderers C Team
Alvaro Ordonez Castleford Wanderers C Team
D Hampton Castleford Wanderers C Team
Dan Hollinworth Castleford Wanderers C Team
H Plues Castleford Wanderers C Team
J Griffiths Castleford Wanderers C Team
J Lumley Castleford Wanderers C Team
Jeremy Ford Castleford Wanderers C Team
Luke Seage Castleford Wanderers C Team
Mike Bly Castleford Wanderers C Team
Olie Dela Luna Castleford Wanderers C Team
Richard Bjork Castleford Wanderers C Team
Iago Castleford Wanderers Registered
Kevin Waters Castleford Wanderers Registered
Susan Parker Castleford Wanderers Registered
Alex Heeley Cawthorne A Team
Alex Pedley Cawthorne A Team
Arun Sudesan Cawthorne A Team
Ben Low Cawthorne A Team
Danny Calton Cawthorne A Team
forfeit - Cawthorne Cawthorne A Team
Greg Yule Cawthorne A Team
Joe Mitchell Cawthorne A Team
Jon Danford Cawthorne A Team
Jordon Lockwood Cawthorne A Team
Josh Dodson Cawthorne A Team
Mike Newton Cawthorne A Team
Rajan Praveen Cawthorne A Team
Rob Goodall Cawthorne A Team
Rob Pitts Cawthorne A Team
Sean Monkman Cawthorne A Team
Tom Masters Cawthorne A Team
Ian Swift Cawthorne Registered
A Freeman Cudworth A Team
Awaise Cudworth A Team
D Whitworth Cudworth A Team
Eliza Condrea Cudworth A Team
forfeit - Cudworth Cudworth A Team
H Clarke Cudworth A Team
Hannah Clarke Cudworth A Team
J Noble Cudworth A Team
K Stothard Cudworth A Team
Kate Litchfield Cudworth A Team
Kathryn Taylorson Cudworth A Team
Kushal Singh Cudworth A Team
M Coates Cudworth A Team
Michael Allen Cudworth A Team
R Archer Cudworth A Team
R Spenceley Cudworth A Team
Rachel Faye Cudworth A Team
Sam Jessop Cudworth A Team
T Haller Cudworth A Team
Tong Hau Cudworth A Team
Vishal Thakur Cudworth A Team
Wayne Haist Cudworth A Team
Andy Coe Honeywell A Team
B White Honeywell A Team
C Niven Honeywell A Team
D Bailey Honeywell A Team
D Robinson Honeywell A Team
forfeit - Honeywell Honeywell A Team
G Harston Honeywell A Team
Gary Whitehead Honeywell A Team
Martin Ellin Honeywell A Team
Mike Gorman Honeywell A Team
Richard Turner Honeywell A Team
Ross Cronin Honeywell A Team
Sarah Coe Honeywell A Team
Tom Gill Honeywell A Team
W Hanson Honeywell A Team
Wayne Harston Honeywell A Team
Ben Hedar Manvers Park A Team
Dave Wheeler Manvers Park A Team
forfeit - Manvers Park Manvers Park A Team
James Hirst Manvers Park A Team
Joseph Lucassi Manvers Park A Team
Owain Kril Manvers Park A Team
Rush Garfitt Manvers Park A Team
A Bell Manvers Park B Team
C Clegg Manvers Park B Team
D Sabu Manvers Park B Team
D Townend Manvers Park B Team
Duncan Cruickshank Manvers Park B Team
Lee Willetts Manvers Park B Team
M Bamforth Manvers Park B Team
M Basharat Manvers Park B Team
R Taylor Manvers Park B Team
S Lo Manvers Park B Team
Saqib Ali Manvers Park B Team
Steve Madden Manvers Park B Team
T Cook Manvers Park B Team
T Oliver-Cooper Manvers Park B Team
Adam Lewis Manvers Park Registered
Ali Hazaveh Manvers Park Registered
Bev Coates Manvers Park Registered
Sayed Faruk Manvers Park Registered
Andy Smith Minsthorpe A Team
Ben Allsup Minsthorpe A Team
Dan Baker Minsthorpe A Team
Dave Heppinstall Minsthorpe A Team
forfeit - Minsthorpe Minsthorpe A Team
Miles Crosby Minsthorpe A Team
Will Hughes Minsthorpe A Team
A Hughes Minsthorpe B Team
A Hussain Minsthorpe B Team
Clive Davies Minsthorpe B Team
Gavin Pointin Minsthorpe B Team
I Brook Minsthorpe B Team
J Duffield Minsthorpe B Team
K Hughes Minsthorpe B Team
L Larkin Minsthorpe B Team
M Baker Minsthorpe B Team
M Edge Minsthorpe B Team
Paul Hanton Minsthorpe B Team
Pete Hatherley Minsthorpe B Team
Rebecca Pointin Minsthorpe B Team
S Norman Minsthorpe B Team
Adam Hirst Old Silcoatians A Team
Alex Spodkiewicz Old Silcoatians A Team
Bob Elliston Old Silcoatians A Team
Dave Woodriff Old Silcoatians A Team
F Smyth Old Silcoatians A Team
forfeit - Old Silcoatians Old Silcoatians A Team
J Bower Old Silcoatians A Team
J Cooling Old Silcoatians A Team
Lucy Travers Old Silcoatians A Team
N Roberts Old Silcoatians A Team
P Beighton Old Silcoatians A Team
P Chauhan Old Silcoatians A Team
P Hall Old Silcoatians A Team
S Scholfield Old Silcoatians A Team
Sousie Azouley Old Silcoatians Registered
Chris Berisford Ossett A Team
Dan Fan Ossett A Team
forfeit - Ossett Ossett A Team
Hayleigh Edson Ossett A Team
Jordan Mitchell Ossett A Team
Lewis Ransom Ossett A Team
Malik Azkar Ossett A Team
Saeed Akhtar Ossett A Team
Lewis Crick Ossett B Team
Mark Alexander Ossett B Team
Muddassar Riaz Ossett B Team
Richard Johnson Ossett B Team
Thomas Wallace Ossett B Team
Tony Fox Ossett B Team
A Goodier Ossett C Team
A Haywood Ossett C Team
C Perkins Ossett C Team
D Hawkins Ossett C Team
Eddie Adams Ossett C Team
H Young Ossett C Team
J Burke Ossett C Team
L Chitoriski Ossett C Team
Liam Senior Ossett C Team
P Harding Ossett C Team
P Hemmingway Ossett C Team
Samantha Hodgson Ossett C Team
T McGee Ossett C Team
Chris Colley Ossett Registered
David Clay Ossett Registered
Deanne Whitehead Ossett Registered
Muhammad Saghir Ossett Registered
Zohaib Qayyum Ossett Registered
Adam Purcell Pontefract A Team
Dan Hooley Pontefract A Team
forfeit - Pontefract Pontefract A Team
Helen Merrett Pontefract A Team
J Schofield Pontefract A Team
Jason Carey Pontefract A Team
Jessica Markey-Liddle Pontefract A Team
Mark Illidge Pontefract A Team
Mike Sung Pontefract A Team
Paul Hursthouse Pontefract A Team
Tom Martyn Pontefract A Team
Andy Carter Pontefract B Team
Beth Hursthouse Pontefract B Team
Brian Campbell Pontefract B Team
Chris Daniel Pontefract B Team
Hugh Heron Pontefract B Team
Lloyd Barker Pontefract B Team
M Thomas Pontefract B Team
Mike Willmore Pontefract B Team
Oliver Wilson Pontefract B Team
Vipin Reddy Pontefract B Team
Aly Wildman Pontefract C Team
Andrew Carter Pontefract C Team
Andrew Shield Pontefract C Team
Andy Walton Pontefract C Team
Angela Ellis Pontefract C Team
E Hursthouse Pontefract C Team
H Emms Pontefract C Team
Harry Graham Pontefract C Team
Jason Lindsay Pontefract C Team
Jon Smith Pontefract C Team
Josh Wild Pontefract C Team
Laura Readings Pontefract C Team
Lisa Graham Pontefract C Team
N Singleton Pontefract C Team
Ryan Ellis Pontefract C Team
T Wright Pontefract C Team
Theo Cass Pontefract C Team
Tom Bentley Pontefract C Team
Tristan Stewart Pontefract C Team
Chris Kaine Pontefract Registered
Jeremy Slack Pontefract Registered
Scott Williamson Pontefract Registered
Suzanne Medlock Pontefract Registered
Teresa Pearson Pontefract Registered
Alyson Ronan Shepley A Team
Carol Sun Shepley A Team
Daniel Metcalf Shepley A Team
Dave Driscol Shepley A Team
forfeit - Shepley Shepley A Team
Frank Ronan Shepley A Team
H Brook Shepley A Team
Helen Pearman Shepley A Team
Ian Carpenter Shepley A Team
J Atkinson Shepley A Team
J Metcalf Shepley A Team
Jeremy Wilson Shepley A Team
Jonathan Burnham Shepley A Team
Kim Summers Shepley A Team
Kirsty Mitchell Shepley A Team
Mark Ronan Shepley A Team
Oliver Chilton Shepley A Team
P Linford Shepley A Team
Russell Pryke Shepley A Team
S Kitson Shepley A Team
Sarah Hewitt Shepley A Team
Chris Farley Staincross A Team
Craig Fisher Staincross A Team
forfeit - Staincross Staincross A Team
Ian Colclough Staincross A Team
Jonathan Ruston Staincross A Team
Paul Cooke Staincross A Team
Will Doughty Staincross A Team
Ash Musgrave Staincross B Team
Chris Rowland Staincross B Team
Lahiru Mendis Staincross B Team
Matt Hamill Staincross B Team
Roy Marshall Staincross B Team
Simon Clarke Staincross B Team
Thomas Ruston Staincross B Team
Adrian Sollick Staincross C Team
Chris Charlton Staincross C Team
Chris Riley Staincross C Team
Hanna Hayes Staincross C Team
Jaan Anthony Staincross C Team
James Marshall Staincross C Team
Jamie Campbell Staincross C Team
Jamie Weberoswi Staincross C Team
John Baker Staincross C Team
Keith Winch Staincross C Team
Nadeem Najid Staincross C Team
Nathan Hennessy Staincross C Team
Neil Stewardson Staincross C Team
Nigel Short Staincross C Team
Nikolaj Junker Staincross C Team
Paul Brook Staincross C Team
Rob Hainsworth Staincross C Team
Suresh Chari Staincross C Team
Tim Garside Staincross C Team
Chris Ackroyd Wrenthorpe A Team
Craig Megretton Wrenthorpe A Team
forfeit - Wrenthorpe Wrenthorpe A Team
Howard Dodgson Wrenthorpe A Team
James L Johnston Wrenthorpe A Team
R Carrigill Wrenthorpe A Team
Ross Megretton Wrenthorpe A Team
Sohail Aslam Wrenthorpe A Team
Steve Wilson Wrenthorpe A Team
Zolo Arif Wrenthorpe A Team
Angela Fletcher Wrenthorpe B Team
Cameron Spurr Wrenthorpe B Team
Chris Wylie Wrenthorpe B Team
D Bree Wrenthorpe B Team
Geoff Johnson Wrenthorpe B Team
Ghazanfar Wrenthorpe B Team
Hillary Hodson Wrenthorpe B Team
James D Johnson Wrenthorpe B Team
M Cockfield Wrenthorpe B Team
M Fisher Wrenthorpe B Team
M Spencer Wrenthorpe B Team
Omar Azimi Wrenthorpe B Team
V Cook Wrenthorpe B Team
Vineeth Churuvalli Wrenthorpe B Team