Tournament Results

2019 Handicap Tournament - 17th November

Ladies DoublesWinnerL Nunn / T Windscheffel
Runner-upL Lakin / L Rowlatt
Men's DoublesWinnerJ Lucassi / O Kril
Runner-upM Willmore / J Doveston
Mixed DoublesWinnerD Fan / C Hamilton
Runner-upJ Backhouse / N Lloyd

Ladies doubles winner Ladies doubles runnerup Mens doubles winner Mens doubles runnerup Mixed doubles winner Mixed doubles runnerup

2018 Handicap Tournament

Ladies DoublesWinnerD Whitehead / H Pearson
Runner-upH Short / S Dandsford
Men's DoublesWinnerJ Ruston / N Short
Runner-upD Hooley / R Loganathan
Mixed DoublesWinnerN Short / H Short
Runner-upN Sedgwick / K Stothard

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